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Cham Island FAQ


Cham Island in Hoi An is becoming an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. So how to get to Cham Island? What tourist services are available in Cham Island? Let’s answer your questions with us!!!

Time and means of transport to Cham Island

To get to Cham Island, visitors will go through 2 main routes
+ Route 1: By this route, you can use vehicles such as motorbikes, taxis, buses, these are the 3 most convenient means of transport to go From Da Nang to Cua Dai Wharp
+ Route 2: At Cua Dai Wharp, there will be 2 main means of transport for tourists to choose from, if you are a thrill enthusiast you can choose Canoe to move to Cham Island, but for tourists who like the lightness and want to immerse themselves in nature, the wooden boat is a good choice.

It can take visitors about 30 minutes to move from Da Nang to Cua Dai Wharp. From here, visitors will only need to go another 20 minutes if they choose a canoe or 1 hour if traveling by wooden boat to reach Cham Island.

If you are the one who likes to experience the feeling of traveling, watching the immense scenery of the sea, you only need to spend from 50-100,000 / pax to move to the island by wooden boat. As for those who love thrills and are eager to quickly set foot on the island, you can choose to travel by Canoe to Cham Island with a relatively cheap cost of only 150,000/pax.

The most suitable time to travel to Cham Island is from March to October. Because this is the time when the weather is warm and sunny, the sea surface is small, the beach is clear, so it is very suitable to enjoy the cool in the island. Besides, there are many festivals taking place at this time of the year, such as Cau Ngu Festival (April 3rd – 4th of the lunar calendar) or the Ancestral Nest Festival (March 9-10 of the lunar calendar).

Overnight in Cham Island

Currently in Cham Island there is still no high-class hotel or resort, so staying at a homestay is a tourist experience on Cham Island that you should note. Just spend from 150,000 VND / pax when traveling in a group, or from 200,000 VND / pax if you go in a couple, you have a place to stay that is both safe, comfortable and equally luxurious, especially Sunbay Homestay is a favorite and most booked place to stay with a super beautiful sea view.

The price of homestay service in Cham Island is only from 150,000 VND / pax when traveling in groups, or from 200,000 VND / pax if you go in a couple. At the homestay, you also enjoy a lot of the most comfortable services such as dining, car rental, boat rental, coral diving, etc. For those of you who first come to Cham Island, you should not worry, because the people here are very friendly and will guide visitors in the most enthusiastic way.

Cham Island tourist information

You can experience a variety of travel services and immerse yourself in the wild nature of Cham Island for your vacation days. The diving service in Cham Island is always one of the activities that you should try once when you come here. Along with that, beautiful places such as Bai Lang, Bai Chong , and Bai Xep are always places to attract tourists to check in. And one thing you cannot miss when coming to Cham Island is the cuisine – one of the typical cultural features that create the beauty of the wild nature here.

If you especially love the experience and want to fully explore the nooks and crannies of Cham Island, don’t miss these must-see check-in places:
+ Eo Gio is the shore rocks at the back of the mountain, east of Cham Island. At the waist, you will admire the majestic scenery of the East Sea. A little hint for you, this is the best place to watch the sunrise in Cham Island!!!
+ The hundred-year-old banyan tree on the East side, Hon Lao has an age of up to 600 years. The tree has one main trunk and six surrounding sub-stems, both supporting the trunk and giving the canopy an ancient and beautiful beauty. As a check-in place not to be missed when coming to Cham Island. Banyan tree has been recognized by the Vietnam Association for Nature and Environment Protection as a Vietnamese Heritage tree.
+ Heliport with a large yard is built for aircraft to meet military requirements, transport goods and necessities when ships cannot travel from the mainland to Cham Island. Standing from above, you can see the clear blue water of the sea from above down to a large space.

Cham Island has many wonderful beaches for you to enjoy the wind and the sound of the waves. Some of the beaches that you can consider to experience such as:
+ Bai Ong: Possessing a relatively safe gentle shore, clear blue water that can be seen to the bottom, long smooth and soft white sand along with soft curves rows of green coconut trees whispering in the wind
+ Bai Lang at Cham Island wharf is the first gathering place for cruise ships and canoes in the Cham Island travel itinerary.
+ Bai Xep is a beach that makes a lot of impressions and attracts tourists by its unspoiled tranquility with shimmering natural coral reefs.
+ Bai Chong with a fine sandy beach ranked among the first on Cham Island, has smooth green vegetation with natural creeks pouring down from the high mountains and interesting rock formations that make the natural landscape here. very dreamy.

In diving activities to see corals in Cham Island, you also need to note some contents to prepare for your diving trip:
+ Check your life jackets carefully before diving into the sea.
+ Warm up before going into the sea so that the body can adapt to the water temperature, avoiding cramps and muscle contractions.
Tourists when joining the group must strictly follow the instructions of the guide.
+ Should wear neat clothes, bring waterproof shoes.
In addition, the weather is also one of the important notes, if the weather is bad with storms or heavy rain, you should consider it.

Cham Island is one of the famous islands with many unique coral reefs, some areas visitors can see coral here such as:
– Hon Dai: This is one of the places to dive and see coral. mainly in Cham Island. This area has no residents, no tourist services, so it still retains the wild beauty of nature. Hon Dai is planned as a place exclusively for visitors to experience coral diving and swimming.
– Hon Mo: This place especially attracts backpackers, young people who love to travel to Cham Island in the style of experience and discovery. Seeing the beautiful coral reefs close to the cliffs in Hon Mo is an interesting experience that is worth trying during the Cham Island tour.
– Bai Xep: Some famous tourist sites favorably call Bai Xep as “Coral beach” of Cham Island, because here are many of the island’s most beautiful coral reefs. In addition, the water at Bai Xep is very clear and the water level is not too deep, so it is very suitable for those who do not know how to swim, or who are not good at swimming, so they can dive and see the coral comfortably.
– Bai Bim is a pristine beach in Cham Island with beautiful seascapes, clear blue water, and long stretches of fine sand. Walking under the coconut trees growing naturally along the coast, you can enjoy the coolest and most relaxing when coming to Bai Bim .

Depending on different forms, the price of diving tickets to see corals in Cham Island is also applied differently, specifically as follows:
+ Shallow diving price: 150,000 VND/pax(with float, glasses)
+ Diving price depth: 800,000 VND/pax (with expert guide)
+ Walking to see coral: 950,000 VND/pax (with guide)

There are 3 popular forms of coral diving in Cham Island:
+ The most popular form of diving to see the corals of Cham Island is snorkeling with snorkeling and swimming goggles. You will be guided on the regulations to be able to scuba dive in the safest way. With this form, you will enjoy the feeling of swimming on the sea surface, putting your face into the clear blue water to see the brilliant coral reefs. Both swimmers and non-swimmers can dive to see the corals of Cham Island with this diving method.
+ Deep diving is a form of diving to see the corals with an oxygen tank, accompanied by an expert guide. To participate in diving, you must purchase a separate ticket. You will learn briefly about maneuvers under the sea as well as some symbols for your companion. For the form of deep diving, the accompanying outfit will be a specialized diving suit, an oxygen tank. Under the depth of 6m, you will admire the mysterious shimmering beauty of Cham Island aquarium with many kinds of fancy and precious corals that are hard to find anywhere else.
+ Finally, the form of walking under the sea to see corals will be reserved for visitors to Cham Island who want to directly touch the bottom of the ocean. For this service, you just need to wear a walking hat like you would on land.