Daily departure

Afternoon 8:30 & 15:00

Minimum from 6 guests

Pick up at Sunbay Wharf


Cham Islands attracts tourists with its wild beauty of nature, clear blue sea, long sandy shores and brilliant coral reefs. Fishing And Sightseeing Cham Islands Tour with a fisherman's wooden boat will be an experience not to be missed when visiting Cham Islands!

Stroll around the islands by boat, enjoy the feeling of the cool sea breeze, and see the beautiful scenery in the islands around Cham Islands. The coral diving and fishing program at Hon Dai will be a memorable experience for your trip!


Floating on each wave, enjoying the salty sea breeze, one side is each green mountain, feeling the sea, the forest air will help you get rid of the troubles of life. Gently let go of the fishing rod into the blue water, shake the rod and wait for each group of groupers to hook. Lunch will be filled with seafood with the prizes of your own team!

Easy connection

Do you visit alone, or in pairs, not enough numbers to register? It's okay, there are a lot of overnight guests at Sunbay Homestay, so it's easy to ask a few other guests to join you on the trip

Interesting experiment

Just floating on the sea, anxiously waiting for something interesting to stick to your hook? Could be fish, squid, octopus, or ...... shark for example (just kidding)

Glorious’ hot pot

With prizes after an afternoon at sea. Sunbay will prepare for you a delicious hot pot from the fresh fish you caught on the Fishing Tour

Hangout Without Worry

All you need to do is just to book a tour, let Sunbay Homestay take care of the rest for you. All the essentials of the experience will be fully prepared for you to have an unforgettable experience about Sunbay homestay and Cham Islands!

Fishing And Sightseeing Cham Island Schedule

15:00: Pick up at Sunbay Homestay wharfAfter preparing a sufficient number of fishing rods, bait as well as carefully instructing how to fish with the fishermen on the island, the boat will gradually move out to sea to begin the fishing journey and visit the island.Come to this tour, the fisherman’s wooden boat will bring you to Dai island and Mu island, natural islands with immense green color of trees, surrounded by blue sea water, bringing with them the rich vegetation of the island.After a stroll and sightseeing, the boat will stop in the middle of the sea for you to start enjoying a relaxing moment on the boat, as well as waiting for the vibrations of the fishing rod. Waiting for something unexpected to come, be it fish, squid, shrimp, crab, or………… a super cute shark


Not included


Departure times are 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM daily. Depending on the time of departure and expected end of your tour, the tour will flexibly change the island exploration program and prepared meals. The tour end time is 7am and 1pm daily.

This is a flexible experiential tour program. Guests can choose the start and end time of the tour according to their request. In addition to the transportation that will accompany the group, tour schedules, experience programs, meals, picnics are free for you to choose the time, regardless of other groups.

For the economy combo is included speedboat and wooden train, motorbike not included. The motorbike rental price is 100,000 VND for 1⁄2 days and 150,000 VND for 1 day. The tour will pick up guests at Cua Dai port, with the needs arising from the tour in Hoi An (50k/time) and Da Nang (80k/time) will be served upon your request.

Therefore, with the coral viewing program of the 1-day tour, you join the coral-watching program of the 2-day 1 night tour, in addition to watching the coral, you will be combined with 1 of 2 “fishing” programs. or “walk around Cu Lao Cham Island”. The viewing time is longer, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island when taking a fisherman’s wooden boat. Especially, you can also experience the experience of driving a wooden boat with the direction of the boat captains.

The program of watching corals with a viewfinder and panting “snorkerling”, you will be fully equipped with life jackets, sight glasses. viewfinder guide, accompanied, extremely safe and comfortable


Only with 150.000 VNĐ / Pax

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    How to book a tour

    Contact a consultant

    Contact a consultant

    Please contact us for any support, advice or feedback about Cham Discovery’s services:

    Note when traveling to CLC

    1. Not recommended to participate for customers with a history of spine disease, cardiovascular disease, pregnant women over 5 months.
    2. Should use low sandals, recommended to protect shoes, bring swimming equipment (swimwear, towels)
    3. Should use sunscreen and bring a wide-brimmed hat, equipped with waterproof devices for phones and cameras.
    4. Limit carrying electronics, jewelry and high-value items.
    5. If you can’t swim, you can still dive to see the coral because there’s an expert accompanying.
    6. Absolutely do not bring plastic bags to the islands, illegal fishing of seafood and coral is prohibited.

    Go Cham Island, choose Indigo Discovery!

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    Combo Cu Lao Cham 2 Days 1 Night Full

    Complete Cu Lao Cham travel combo in addition to the services and quality included in the Savings Combo, Cham Discovery also prepares motorbikes for you to freely explore the island, gently checkin the beach with an interesting and prioritized Picnic set. better room location at Sunbay Homestay. In addition, the food and BBQ sets are filled with seafood for you to enjoy.

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hotel in cham island
stay in cham island
tour in cham island

    Combo Cu Lao Cham 2 Days 1 Night Savings

    Cham Discovery's 2 days 1 night Cu Lao Cham travel combo will be a great experience for you. Travel without worry because everything is prepared including a 2-way speedboat, a room at Sunbay Homestay, a seafood meal breakfast set or a beach BBQ set. In addition, you can also experience snorkeling and exploring the island with people's ships.

    Homestay in cham island
hotel in cham island
stay in cham island
tour in cham island

    Coral and Island Diving Tour

    Gentle leisurely on the wooden boat. Enjoy the cool scent of the sea, delight in watching the beautiful schools of fish and coral.