Daily departure

2 days 1 night 8:00 & 14:00

Minimum from 2 guests

Pick up at Cua Dai Port

Cham Islands Tour 2 Days 1 Night - Freedom Combo is a form of pre-booking a two-way speedboat, island tour ticket, and homestay in Cham Islands carefully selected by Sunbay in advance for your trip. This combo will not only help you avoid expenses incurred during self-sufficient travel, but also give you a unique experience from the best services in Cham Islands.


Let’s join Cham Discovery and Sunbay Homestay on a trip to discover Cham Islands – which is recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve of the world.


With Cham Islands Travel Combo 2 Days 1 Night (Saving Combo), you will have great experiences on the romantic Cham Islands. How about feeling the fresh sea breeze and watching the ocean while surfing in a modern canoe? Or just immerse yourself on the clear blue sea, while watching the beauty of the coral reefs full of vitality and color. Even better, after a long funny day, you will enjoy a delicious and varied seafood BBQ party, and chat with friends on the terrace of Sunbay Homestay.


And finally, end the day with an overnight stay at Sunbay Homestay, one of the most beautiful sea view homestays in Cham Islands. If you find it interesting, please contact us immediately, all of which are organized in the Cham Islands Travel Combo 2 Days 1 Night (Saving Combo) and only in Cham Discovery tour.

Best Service - Full Journey

Combo Cham Islands Tour 2 Days 1 Night will be the most complete journey for you to enjoy the scenery, culture and cuisine of the islands' seafood.

Flexible and Comfortable

Your trip will not have to depend on the schedule of other travelers. Time to experience travel and rest is adjusted by yourself.

Combo price for Cham Islands 2N1D - Freedom Combo

Pick-up at\PriceAdults2-8 years old childBaby < 2 years old
Cua Dai Dock540,000 VND270,000 VND100,000 VND (Boat)
Hoi An590,000 VND300,000 VND100,000 VND (Boat)
Da Nang640,000 VND350,000 VND100,000 VND(Boat)

Included/ Not included





Departure times are 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM daily. Depending on the time of departure and expected end of your tour, the tour will flexibly change the island exploration program and prepared meals. The tour end time is 7am and 1pm daily.

This is a flexible experiential tour program. Guests can choose the start and end time of the tour according to their request. In addition to the transportation that will accompany the group, tour schedules, experience programs, meals, picnics are free for you to choose the time, regardless of other groups.

For the economy combo is included speedboat and wooden train, motorbike not included. The motorbike rental price is 100,000 VND for 1⁄2 days and 150,000 VND for 1 day. The tour will pick up guests at Cua Dai port, with the needs arising from the tour in Hoi An (50k/time) and Da Nang (80k/time) will be served upon your request.

Therefore, with the coral viewing program of the 1-day tour, you join the coral-watching program of the 2-day 1 night tour, in addition to watching the coral, you will be combined with 1 of 2 “fishing” programs. or “walk around Cu Lao Cham Island”. The viewing time is longer, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island when taking a fisherman’s wooden boat. Especially, you can also experience the experience of driving a wooden boat with the direction of the boat captains.

The program of watching corals with a viewfinder and panting “snorkerling”, you will be fully equipped with life jackets, sight glasses. viewfinder guide, accompanied, extremely safe and comfortable


540.000 VND / guets

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    Hãy liên hệ với chúng tôi khi cần bất cứ hỗ trợ, tư vấn hoặc phản hồi về dịch vụ của Chàm Discovery:


    Lưu ý khi du lịch CLC

    1. Không khuyến khích tham gia đối với quý khách có tiền sử bệnh cột sống, tim mạch, phụ nữ có thai trên 5 tháng.

    2. Nên sử dụng dép thấp, khuyến khích có bọc bảo vệ giày, mang theo các dụng cụ tắm biển (đồ bơi, khăn tắm)

    3. Nên bôi kem chống nắng và mang theo mũ rộng vành, trang bị các thiết bị chống nước cho điện thoại, máy ảnh.

    4. Hạn chế mang theo đồ điện tử, các trang sức vật phẩm có giá trị cao.

    5. Không biết bơi vẫn lặn ngắm SAN HÔ được vì có chuyên gia đi kèm

    6. Tuyệt đối không mang túi NILONG ra đảo, cấm đánh bắt thủy hải sản, san hô trái phép.

    Chính sách hoàn hủy

    1. Hoàn cọc 100% phí cọc trước 3 ngày (72h) từ thời điểm xuất phát. 

    2. Miễn phí thay đổi lịch trình trong suốt năm 2021.

    3. Không áp dụng chính sách hoàn hủy các này lễ tết.

    Go to Cu Lao Cham, choose Cham Discovery!​

    More information about Cham Islands 2 days 1 night tour

    Cham Islands Tour 2 Days 1 Night promises to bring you the most memorable experiences about the island bringing back the pristine beauty of the mountains and the sea – a world biosphere reserve that you must definitely visit during travel to Hoi An. In this article, follow the Cham Discovery tour and Sunbay homestay to learn about the 2 days 1 night tour program in Cham Islands.

    Why should you choose the Cham Islands Tour 2 Days 1 Night?

    On the islands, you can not only enjoy the fresh air, immerse yourself in the cool blue sea, but also learn about the ecosystem, marine life, diving and watching coral, which is extremely interesting on the islands here.


    For the 1-day Cham Islands tour, the tour schedule is dense and the time to explore the island is not much, but for the 2 days 1 night Cham Islands tour, visitors will have a lot of time to rest and enjoy the island. The fresh air of the sea, immersed in the cool water watching the colorful coral reefs and sea creatures.

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    Join the 2-day Cham Islands tour, you will be able to see the beautiful scenery at dawn, or the clear blue sky and turning yellow at sunset. Feel the idyllic rhythm of life in the fishing village, immerse yourself in the quiet night space, sit together and listen to the waves crashing on the shore, unimaginably peaceful.

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    With a free schedule, full services from speedboat to the island, accommodation to meals and grilled seafood set by the beach. The program of visiting the island, diving to see the coral or setting a gentle picnic on the beach are fully prepared by Sunbay homestay for visitors.

    Refer to Cham Islands tour schedule 2 days 1 night at Sunbay homestay

    Day 1: take a high-speed canoe to the island, check in at Sunbay homestay, experience snorkeling and visit the islands, enjoy BBQ seafood tray at Cham Islands Harbor Bridge.

    07h45: Visitors are present at Cua Dai Tourist Port to do procedures and receive 2-way speedboat tickets.

    9CBAE414 D0A3 411C 89C9 3776F598D33E -High-speed canoe – means to the island-[/caption]

    08h00: Tourists get on a canoe to leave Cua Dai harbor, start the journey to conquer the ocean, experience Cham Islands tour 2 days 1 night and enjoy the feeling of canoeing on the clear blue sea along with the sea.

    D940C4E6 BB6F 48B8 A9B5 4DB78370EA3F Cu Lao Cham 2 days 1 night tourm[/caption]

    08h20: Canoe docked at Cham Islands port, visitors will be picked up at Sunbay to store their luggage and rest to enjoy Cham Islands leaf juice. Then start visiting famous places in Cham Islands such as: Hai Tang Pagoda, Au Thuyen, Cham ancient well, ……

    11:30: After the tour, visitors will return to Sunbay homestay to rest and prepare for lunch with a set of seafood rice prepared by Sunbay.

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    After lunch, guests will check in and rest for the program of diving to see coral and explore the island in the afternoon.


    Lunch set includes: Forest vegetables with fish sauce and seasoning with Cham Islands, Grilled Diep with onion, Sweet and sour shrimp/ribs, Fried fish with tomato sauce, Boiled cone snail, Seafood sour soup, Stir-fried squid with onion, Fried egg, White rice , Dessert cake little Cham Islands.

    14h30: Start diving program to see coral and go around the island by wooden boat with fishermen.

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    Visitors participating in the tour are fully equipped with life jackets when boarding a wooden boat to explore the island

    19h00: Enjoy BBQ set of grilled seafood with sea specialties of Cham Islands at Sunbay Homestay Wharf.

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    And after dinner is a free schedule.


    Grilled seafood BBQ set includes: Grilled sea fish, Spicy grilled squid, Grilled skewers, Grilled scallops satay, Grilled snail breast, Grilled oysters with fat, Vegetables and assorted side dishes, Grilled sweet potato / Grilled eggplant , Clam/shrimp porridge (bowl)

    🔥 All the food is fresh seafood from Cham Island!!!

    🔥 Toàn bộ đồ ăn là hải sản tươi sống từ Đảo Cù Lao Chàm nhé!!!

    Day 2: Rest and explore the island by motorbike with Cham Islands tour 2 days 1 night.

    07h00: Coffee breakfast, visit the wharf to see the ships bring seafood.

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    8h00 – 10h00: You are free to DISCOVER COOLAM ISLAND go around the island by motorbike, experience the picnic set at the beach prepared by Sunbay Homestay.


    10:30: Check out, end the program, rest, go to the market to buy gifts for relatives.


    13h00: Goodbye Cham Islands, board the speedboat and return to the mainland.

    Cham Islands tour price 2 days 1 night and how to book a tour.

    At Sunbay, there are combo tours of Cham Islands 2 days 1 night for visitors to choose from.

    • FREEDOM COMBO 540.000/pax: Includes: 2-way speedboat includin

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    • SAVING COMBO | 1.1000.000/pax:

    Includes: 2-way speedboat including fees and taxes | Room at Sunbay | Set Breakfast & Water, Seafood Lunch, Seafood BBQ Dinner | The program consisted of diving to see corals and going around the island by wooden boat..

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    Visitors take pictures to check in the field corn

    COMPLETE COMBO | 1250.000/pax:

    Same schedule and services as Savings Combo BUT seafood set is richer and more varied | Free motorbike to explore the island | Set of picnic at the beach and free one-way pick-up.

    How to book a 2 days 1 night Cham Islands tour at Sunbay homestay: visitors can contact the hotline (or Zalo) or the Sunbay homestay fanpage to receive advice and book a tour to explore Cu Lao island. Please!!!

    Contact Cham Islands Discovery for advice and experience the most interesting things

    Bai Lang Market Center, Tan Hiep, Cham Island

    Hotline: 089 898 2509