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What is more interesting when immersed in the sea to dive and see the colorful coral reefs, come to Scuba Diving Cham Islands Tour with a scuba tank, visitors will be guaranteed professional safety services.


It is great to be fully equipped with the necessary things such as diving goggles, diving tubes, diving suits.. to start the diving exploration to see colorful coral reefs, sea fish swimming gently in the blue sea water. The whole ocean world seems to be miniature in your eyes when you join the Scuba Diving tour organized by Cham Discovery. So why not quickly contact Sunbay homestay and Cham Discovery to have a memorable vacation!

The Complete Journey

We will prepare all the necessary and high-quality tools for you to have a memorable diving.

Super interesting

With a journey of less than 1 hour, you will be impressed with the diverse and rich world of marine life such as sea cucumbers, abalone, coral, clown fish.... that you can hardly see threshold when just watching from above the sea

Scuba Diving Cham Islands Tour Schedule

10:30: Depart from Sunbay Homestay to wooden boat to prepare for diving

Step 1: (about 20 minutes)

You get on board, change into a professional diving suit. The instructor will introduce how to use the equipment and some basic scuba diving skills: such as mouth breathing, underwater communication signs.

Step 2: (about 20-30 minutes)

The coach and you go into the water to practice diving in shallow water, when all are ready, the journey to explore the ocean begins:

You will admire the beauty of hundred types of corals and schools of fish floating in the clear blue water, you can record the images you experience (with an underwater camera, if you order)

Step 3: (about 20 minutes)

– You get back on the boat, change your clothes and return to Sunbay Homestay.


Not included

Câu hỏi thường gặp!

Activities related to sea tourism will depend on the weather. If there are unsafe weather phenomena such as thunderstorms, storms … then the tour will stop operating.

If the infant is under 5 years old, they will travel with the group but only on board and not participate in the Scuba diving activity.

Other snorkeling programs such as snorkling or seatrek are not included in the Scuba Diving Tour. Guests can contact the Discovery tour to book separately.


With only 650.000/pax

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    How to book a tour

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    Contact a consultant

    Please contact us for any support, advice or feedback about Cham Discovery’s services:

    Note when traveling to CLC

    1. Not recommended to participate for customers with a history of spine disease, cardiovascular disease, pregnant women over 5 months.
    2. Should use low sandals, recommended to protect shoes, bring swimming equipment (swimwear, towels)
    3. Should use sunscreen and bring a wide-brimmed hat, equipped with waterproof devices for phones and cameras.
    4. Limit carrying electronics, jewelry and high-value items.
    5. If you can’t swim, you can still dive to see the coral because there’s an expert accompanying.
    6. Absolutely do not bring plastic bags to the islands, illegal fishing of seafood and coral is prohibited.

    Đi Cù Lao Chàm, chọn Chàm Discovery!

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    Combo Cu Lao Cham 2 Days 1 Night Full

    Complete Cu Lao Cham travel combo in addition to the services and quality included in the Savings Combo, Cham Discovery also prepares motorbikes for you to freely explore the island, gently checkin the beach with an interesting and prioritized Picnic set. better room location at Sunbay Homestay. In addition, the food and BBQ sets are filled with seafood for you to enjoy.

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    Combo Cu Lao Cham 2 Days 1 Night Savings

    Cham Discovery's 2 days 1 night Cu Lao Cham travel combo will be a great experience for you. Travel without worry because everything is prepared including a 2-way speedboat, a room at Sunbay Homestay, a seafood meal breakfast set or a beach BBQ set. In addition, you can also experience snorkeling and exploring the island with people's ships.

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    Coral and Island Diving Tour

    Gentle leisurely on the wooden boat. Enjoy the cool scent of the sea, delight in watching the beautiful schools of fish and coral.